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Chiropractor Victor, Rochester NY | Chiropractic Victor

Modern Chiropractic, your Victor chiropractors

Modern Chiropractic Advanced technology... Faster Relief

Our mission is to humbly serve our community by inspiring families toward a more natural path to optimal health.  Our goal is to correct any root causes of pain, such as vertebral subluxation, in order to remove nerve interference and balance physiology through advanced technologies with the expectation of fast pain relief and improved quality of life.
We compassionately provide excellence in Chiropractic care faithfully assisting the body’s own inherent recuperative powers. 

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and begin the process of living and optimized life that is pain free. 
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Laser therapy can be a non-invasive alternative to surgery

Laser therapy can be an ideal treatment option for patients looking to treatment problems without surgery. Some of symptoms laser therapy can remedy include:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Treat muscle or joint pain
  • Short healing time for injuries

When the injured area is targeted with the laser, your cells are exposed to photon energy—this increases the metabolism of your cells and promotes collagen growth as well as muscle cells. It also improves blood circulation which helps the wounds heal faster.

Chiropractic care works by restoring your ability to be healthy

Chiropractic has, in the last five or so years, become a respected way of taking care of your body. It is based on the science of your body being a self-regulating, self-healing organism—and it’s controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nerves of the body.

Chiropractic care is more than just cracking your back, or “putting the bone back into pace”. It is about restoring spinal function to allow for optimal nervous system function and a healthy body.

Join the chiro club for affordable convenient care

Join the chiro club and receive:

  • 2 visits per month for $69 or 4 visits per month for $99.
  • A zero-gravity massage chair (this loosens up all the muscles).
  • Board-certified chiropractic adjustment and the kyros machine.
  • doctor manual soft tissue and the thumper (a specialized piece of equipment).

This club is great for weekend warrior people who get dinged up but go on with pain because of how much treatment costs. Now you have a new trusted source that gives you “everything” under one low price and you don’t have to continue your favorite activities in pain.

Have you considered chiro for your knee pain?

After spinal conditions, knee complaints are one of the more common musculoskeletal ailments. And considering how much work your knees go through, it’s no wonder wear and tear take their toll on your knees. With all the walking, running, bending down, sitting we do there is bound to be extra stress put on your knee.

Add to this that sometimes a problem with your hip or lower back can also cause knee pain, and you may start to see why a chiropractor is beneficial. Modern Chiropractic offer a combination of techniques to address the underlying issues of your knee pain. From soft tissue massage, through to manipulation and mobilization techniques our experienced team can help you receive the treatment you need.

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Hear what others have to say

Barbara Worboys

I had heal Spurs or Plantar Fibromatosis in my left foot plus I had carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Johns tone was able to make the pain go away I would recommend this place for any one

Dan Z

I am a truck driver who climbs in and out of his truck and trailer dozens of times a day, lifts thousands of heavy packages a week and walks several miles a day. I developed a severe burn in my right shoulder several months ago that would not go away thru regular chiropractic adjustments. I decided to give Dr. J a shot and his laser therapy, and after 8 treatments, adjustments, exercises and stretching, ALL the burning has been eliminated, and my overall spinal health is vastly improved. I was skeptical at first about how a light could heal, but it does, quickly and efficiently..


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Modern Chiropractic

Our mission is to humbly serve our community by inspiring families about the natural path to life and health. Our goals are to correct vertebral subluxations in order to remove nerve interference and to balance physiology through functional medicine with the expectation of optimal health.

We compassionately provide excellence in Chiropractic care faithfully assisting the body’s own inherent recuperative powers.


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