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Dr. William Stanley Ferris is a leader in the field of modern chiropractics, an army veteran and advocate for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

As a former pharmaceutical representative and convert to CAM, Dr. Ferris is an eminent authority on the power of the human body to heal and recuperate via its own mechanisms, with the right support and guidance.

Disillusioned by the medical model that relies heavily on the use of drugs and surgery, Dr Ferris brings a unique perspective to body and health management like only someone who’s seen behind the operating curtain can. Cutting through the spin and marketing efforts pushed by “Big Pharma”, Dr Ferris not only guides audiences through the inherent recuperative powers offered through chiropractic medicine but also a wealth of foundational lessons he’s learned from his life experiences.

Having served in the United States military for over 11 years – including Operation Desert Storm – Dr Ferris’s keynote messages are more than just the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. They are centered on how we as people can harness our emotional, mental and spiritual states to conquer pain and live out our greatest lives. How we can learn to love ourselves and our bodies and build resilience to take on life’s biggest challenges.

Driven by a philosophy of serving the underserved and Dr Ferris is an avid philanthropist and committed to supporting causes that reflect this philosophy. Through Chiropractors with Compassion, Dr Ferris has partnered with hundreds of Chiropractors throughout North America to raize crucial funds for education, food, and infrastructure projects for needy children in Africa.

Dr Ferris’s unique perspectives on health, life, and spirituality make him an inspirational speaker for any keynote address.

His signature talks include:

1) BMI

2) Gut Health Probiotics

3) Spine and Nervous System Hygiene

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